Introducing AFYC, Causability, and Causecart

As a passionate artist and philanthropist, my love for art stems from the ability to express myself and bring attention to important issues. I believe that art has the power to bring people together, and I want to use this power to make a difference in the world. I understand that I am privileged to have a unique position in life to be able to help others, so I believe it is my duty. Therefore, we have created a nonprofit organization that fulfills the creation process between artists and communities. 

We do this so that artists can spend less time worrying about making money — and more time creating projects that aid local communities. 

Art and My Passion

As an artist, I have always found solace in the creation process. Each stroke of the brush holds a story waiting to be told and a message waiting to be heard. However, my art is not confined to the visual plane — it also holds a deeper meaning, which is to bring awareness to important issues and make a difference. Part of the way I express myself is through the nonprofit organization Causality and its companies: Art For Your Cause and Causecart.


The nonprofit, Causability, stands for universal kindness and empowers creative individuals to discover their unique voices and support their needs. The organization offers Artist Grants to encourage, empower and provide the ability to help their communities through causes. The grants not only provide funding opportunities but also offer the chance for artists to collaborate on cause-based programs within their communities and assist with fundraising efforts.

Art For Your Cause

Art For Your Cause (AFYC) is an e-commerce platform benefiting both artists and “creator grants through sales of printed art products. The goal of AFYC is to provide a platform for artists to showcase their work and the nonprofit Causability to raise funds for the primary cause campaign Artist Grants causes. Transparency is key in any charitable endeavor, and AFYC ensures that donors know exactly how their contributions are being used. is a cause-based fundraising platform for everyone, the public, nonprofits, and creative changemakers. This platform focuses not just on the cause but also on its effect. Causecart allows donors and supporters to focus on the story behind a cause, how they are helping their communities, and to see the real-world benefits from their donations. The belief behind Causecart is that every cause deserves support and love and that love is measured through the effect of the cause within the community, its environment, its supporters, and its ability to sustain itself over time.

My Vision and Mission

Our mission is not only to pay it forward but to give back and empower others. We believe that everyone has the ability to make a difference and that by collaborating together, we are improving communities using creative solutions.

We realize that we are a small part bigger picture of giving, and we are one of the only organizations making a difference in the world by combining both art and giving. We seek to support and inspire Creators to give back to their communities and to support causes they believe in. Together, we all empower local communities through “Creator Grant collaborations. 

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