About The Artist

Liz London’s artwork explores the realms and depths of her personal transformation through her use of sound instruments and mantras while creating art.  This is accomplished visually, by her means of identification with the natural world, through use of sacred symbolism and using layered abstraction.

By blending and layering different levels of mediums, her work provides a visual form honoring life by mimicking what we often overlook, as sacred, instead of ordinary. One goal is to transform mundane human experiences, valuing the present moment with profound significance.

During the process of creation, she plays different sound instruments, chants mantras, using bija (seed sounds). Each piece then becomes a part of her meditative process connecting within, plus each piece is also intentionally infused with this energy. 

Considering herself an intuitive artist, the process often obscures the previous history of the surface through its texturing, often mimicking death, rebirth, the frailty and resiliency of life. Symbols can be recognized as sacred doorways, portals or entrances into other worlds, universes, to reveal ‘inner’ landscapes. 

This is achieved through observation, then exploration, by what’s hidden or partially revealed, like an ancient civilization being archeological excavated. Through layering, visual symbols become clues of a deeper symbolic meaning, a reconnection, to ask questions and in turn define the state of one’s consciousness.

Fictional landscapes recall a certain moment in time, creating a mysterious, surreal, and emotional sense of place. The work is not meant to be literal but is left open to the viewers personal own interpretation for self-discovery. 

“I am always learning, that creating is both psychological and philosophical exploration. And that artmaking involves a mysterious process of personal self-discovery which might reveal its message immediately or years later. Every piece tells its own story, creating themselves, I serve as a channel.  For me it’s more about creating presence. When someone connects to a piece, they share their interpretation of what it means to them. That’s where healing can occur.”

London considers herself an abstract transcendental artist, each painting being about symbolism expressing through its composition, form, shape and color much like her predecessors in the transcendental painting movement (New Mexico 1938-1942) such as William Lumpkins, Emil Bisttram and Dane Rudhyar.

Liz feels William Lumpkins’ quotes express her art process as well, “One doesn’t seek to understand the inner self, one allows the inner self to live and create its own image.”  

London is also creator and founder of both the nonprofit Causability and Art For Your Cause, an online philanthropic art marketplace. 

She is also a Certified Sound Practitioner,  and a Soul Collage Instructor.



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