Meet Liz London: An Abstract Transcendental Artist Transforming Mundane Experiences

Liz London is a multi-talented artist who combines her passion for art, sound, and spirituality in her unique pieces. Her work explores the realms and depths of her personal transformation, visually and sonically, by means of identification with the natural world through the use of sacred symbolism and layered abstraction. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at Liz’s artistic process, the message behind her art, and her philanthropic efforts.

Her Artistic Process

Liz’s art-making process involves playing instruments and chanting mantras, Bija (seed sounds), as she creates each piece. This transforms her work into a meditative process connecting within and intentionally infusing each piece with specific energy. The layering of mediums and symbols in her work provides visual form to the sacred moments in our lives that we often overlook. The textured surface of her paintings mimics death, rebirth, and the frailty and resiliency of life.

The Message Behind the Art

Liz considers herself an abstract transcendental artist, and each of her paintings is a symbol of self-discovery. The visual symbols in her work serve as sacred doorways, portals, or entrances into other worlds and universes to reveal the inner landscapes of our consciousness. Her work is not meant to be literal but is open to the viewer’s personal interpretation for self-discovery. The landscapes in her work recall a moment in time, creating a mysterious, surreal, and emotional sense of place. 

Liz says, “I am always learning that creating art is like a philosophical exploration. And that my art-making involves a mysterious process of personal self-discovery which might reveal its message immediately or years later. Every piece tells its own story, actually creating themselves; I serve as a channel. For me, it’s more about creating presence. When someone connects to a piece, they share their interpretation of what it means to them. That’s where healing can occur.”

Her Philanthropic Efforts

Liz is not only an artist but also a philanthropist. She is the creator and founder of the nonprofit “Causability”, “Art For Your Cause,” an online philanthropic art marketplace, and the crowdfunding site “” In addition, she is a Certified Sound Practitioner, Certified Bija Sound Coach, and a Certified Soul Collage Instructor. Through her nonprofit and crowdfunding efforts, Liz is dedicated to making a positive impact in people’s lives and communities through the power of art and creativity. All proceeds from sales of her original art sold on, 50% goes to fund “Creator Grants” offered through Also, she donates all of her 20% commission from product sales on her personal artists profile to that same cause campaign.

Beyond The Artist

Liz London is a unique artist whose work is a combination of her passion for art, sound, and spirituality. Her work transforms mundane human experiences into profound moments of self-discovery, visually and sonically. 

Through her philanthropic efforts, Liz is making a positive impact in the world, and her art is a testament to her dedication to personal transformation and the power of creativity. Whether you’re an art lover, spiritual seeker, or just someone looking to explore the depths of your own consciousness, Liz’s work is sure to captivate and inspire you.

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