This wasn't the first one but if started something (for awhile anyway) I came up with the name Picasso Muse because I love his work and if there was one artist I would have love to meet, it would have been him.
Muses are not to be taken for granted, The are intermediaries between many worlds that are totally unseen and more than often flatout denied.
These pieces are dedicated to both Picasso and the Muses that foster creativity within each of us whether we acknowledge they do or not. 
Picasso Muse/Chess QueenPicasso Muse/Maui WowiePicasso Muse/Digital Bling AgingPicasso Muse/Cowboys Owner/Jerry JonesPicasso Muse/Buzz's Great IdeaPicasso Muse/Ebby The Queen of Dallas Real EstatePicasso Muse Trickster Faces