Art For Your Cause is an online ART  community marketplace and event portal for artists and causes to connect to share and sell art...creating a win-win where everyone benefits by sharing and caring together. 
We offer our love of art, dedicated service to all participant struggling on this planet.
This website is a 'cultural shift' enabling customers, artists and nonprofits are able to receive a percentage of the proceeds from art/product sales.
Creating a win-win situation for everyone.

Lightning Bolt Crown Chakra 16"/20"Tidal Wave 15" OriginalOpen HeartPeace ChakraEarth's Final JourneyOmega OM 16"/20" DiameterOmega OM Root Chakra 16Passionate NebulaHeart Wave 12Heart Chakra 16"/20" DiameterGreat FlowLone Tree 16Cracked Leaves 20" DiameterCracked Leaves In SituSolar Flare 16"/20" DiameterMartian Chakra ConnectionHappy Blooms Root Chakra 16"/20" DiameterHappy Blooms Root Chakra In SituDeep Healing Blooms Solar Plexus Chakra 16Solar ChakraDeep Healing Blooms Solar Plexus Chakra In SituLeave DetriusRed Bud Branches 16"/20" DiameterAncient Medicine WheelOrganic Cellular LeafBroken WingsLanding In La La Complementary CyclesCavern Of Stalagmites