Art For Your Cause is a 'cause marketing' website bringing together artists, causes and buyers into a seamless sharing portal labor of art, art products and information regarding events
We offer our love of art, dedicated service to all participant struggling on this planet.
We feel that this website is a 'cultural shift' enabling where artists and non-profits are able to share a percentage of the proceeds from art/product sales.
Creating a win-win situation for all parties.

Lightning Bolt Crown Chakra 16"/20"Tidal Wave 15" OriginalOpen HeartPeace ChakraEarth's Final JourneyOmega OM 16"/20" DiameterOmega OM Root Chakra 16Passionate NebulaHeart Wave 12Heart Chakra 16"/20" DiameterGreat FlowLone Tree 16Cracked Leaves 20" DiameterCracked Leaves In SituSolar Flare 16"/20" DiameterMartian Chakra ConnectionHappy Blooms Root Chakra 16"/20" DiameterHappy Blooms Root Chakra In SituDeep Healing Blooms Solar Plexus Chakra 16Solar ChakraDeep Healing Blooms Solar Plexus Chakra In SituRed Bud Branches 16"/20" DiameterAncient Medicine WheelOrganic Cellular Leaf