Chakra art is created with the use of Quartz Crystal Bowls. 
The sound emanates from them influences my entire art process
I coined the term 'medARTation because combining the art process with the tones is just the right combination to create a meditative experience.
Heart/Crown ChakraThird Eye ChakraCreative Chakra 15" OriginalChakra Vibes 15" Original Chakra ChangesLife Force Chakra 15" DiameterChakra ChoicesCracked Branches Fifth Chakra 16"/20" DiameterCracked Branches Fifth ChakraForest From The Trees 16"/20" DiameterCrown Chakra 16Acid Trip Man 16" x 20' DiameterAcid Trip In SituTidal Wave Heart Chakra 16"/20" DiameterTidal Wave Heart Chakra In SituBroken WingsGoddess's GemsMeeting Your Spirit GuidesU Turn Gotta RunLoopedBoundaries