The paintings I create emanate love. They provide beauty and harmony wherever they are placed.

I call it transformative art.

To have one of my paintings hanging in your environment is a constant reminder serving as a conduit for the energy contained within it.

The energy radiating from each art piece provides a particular 'gift' to humanity, especially if you are in an urban environment.

It is a huge service to your space or environment.

I especially imagine this for children living in more urban environments, it connects them into the Gaia Grid.

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Lightning BoltBurning Down The BlocksRose Heart ChakraOmega OMSunrise Over Cragged CoastAcid Trip ManBirds In FlightLemon Yellow MellowBlack SwipeOrbiting OrbsVery VioletCan't See The Forest From The TreesDripping SpringsRainbow Missing VioletKimpt's Gardens/Layered Levels Auric Vertebrea