Abstract Trees, Clouds, Geological Formations are all part of the Sacred Earth Series. Entrance To Fairy ForestLightning BoltSpiritual SporesStorms Over Blue MountainsBlue ButtesSunrise Over Cragged CoastInner Cracked CaveCascading Light FallsPlanetary ConjuntionsSea  CreaturesRising TidesRed Bud BranchesTurning TidesGlimpse Of Blue SkyCan't See The Forest From The TreesSimmering StalagmitesPurple RainAfter The FireWhen A Tree Falls In The ForestSpring SeedlingsBlack IcyclesViews Of Venus LandscapeFire DoorFire And Water MeetMelting RedSurface Of Venus From Earth Birds In FlightSea Behind The Cosmos CurtainCandy WaterTidal WaveAnubis's EyeEye Of Anubis In SituShifting ContinentsRainbow Missing VioletBurning Down The WallsBurning Down The Walls In SituSunrise Over Cragged CoastMauve Molding Heartfelt TearsKimpt's Gardens/Layered Levels Acid Trip ManAcid Trip ManNew Lady LibertyNew Lady Liberty In Situ