Transformational Art By Liz London.
Created To Emanate Love & Harmony Within Any Space.

Juxtaposed arrangements with dreamlike global inferences evoke playfulness through balanced compositions.

My Philosophy Is Basic As Follows:
From The Beginning-
Everything Is Sacred...
The Middle-
The Creative Force Flowing Intuitively Through Me Is Sacred...
The End.

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Art For Your Cause is a labor of love, service and dedication to everyone and everything that faces struggles on this planet.
A true cultural shift this website enables artists and non-profits to share a percentage from the proceeds of the artists sales.
Creating a win-win situation for all parties.
Chakra art is created with the use of Quartz Crystal Bowls. 
The sound emanates from them influences my entire art process
I coined the term 'medARTation because combining the art process with the tones is just the right combination to create a meditative experience.
Images created of 'Outer Space' transforming into 'Inner Space'
Expressionistic life forms budding, blossoming and blowing away in supernatural settings.
Abstract Trees, Clouds, Geological Formations are all part of the Sacred Earth Series.

These images are customized commissions created for site specific venues. Each piece is based on a "Branded" theme incorporating a logo or statement for Golf and Country Clubs, Restaurants, Oil Companies and other venues.

Please contact me by email or through the guest book feature on this website to discuss your special project and what original 'branded" artistic design we can create for you. 


Encaustic medium made from bees wax is right up my alley.

Over the years I have always loved the process of melting things.

Wax from bees is important to me. Fostering the bee colonies are crucial to the ecostructure of this world.

I love the bees, what they do to create their hives, make honey and provide the wax that melts like butter for my artwork that I enjoy creating. 

Each piece in this portfolio contains a 'sacred statement' or word that is a saying, text version of a thought or text of a fortune cookie that I liked.

Each one is 'sacred' because they have reverence for life and usually came to me during times that I needed them the most.

Some of the images contain butterflies, birds, geometric designs and mandalas.

If you have a 'sacred statment' of your own that you would like to see in a custom piece of art please contact me we can discuss it in more detail.

I create custom commissions for corporations and individuals.

Symbols are the way I receive, process and interpret information from Light.

Light is my connection to conscious awareness.

Most of the symbols are from images or ideas have been photographed by me over years, from antiques advertisements or custom designs that I have created myself.

The symbols are then arranged intuitively into compositions that then become a complete illustrated story.

I consider Earth a 'sacred garden'. These images relate to my innermost feelings about the Big Blue planet.

Each one of these images reflect my ability to 'bridge' my inner states and outer of consciousness into a sacred space of 'being' one with all that 'is'.


For me the Ultimate Mixed Media Experience is creating Assemblages. Three dimensional peices that make the artistic puzzle "pop" off the wall.

These are exciting to construct and I hope that they end up in your collection and 'pop' off your wall as well.